Tuesday, August 11, 2009

August Rush

Lately I have been updating my blog religiously. I have so many photos from my trip to Mexico, California and Nevada that I have yet to upload. My initial plan was to update my blog from city to city but that was not going to happen. Wifi prices at the hotels were ridiculous! Nonetheless, hopefully you liked the Mexico part of my trip. I will try post the rest of the photos in the following two days. This week has been a little crazy as I'm trying to get everything ready before moving into my apartment.


Nerie said...

Nacho! All your photos are amazing! :D I hope you are having tons of fun! & I hope that maybe I'll see you when I go down to Denton :D

Ignacio said...

thank you nerie! you are so kind! You better call me when you're down here!!! it's a must! no excuse!! :D