Friday, July 3, 2009

A Few Words of Advice...

For those of you who are looking into pursuing photography, below are some really helpful tips to get you started. The following article was found here. Also, check out the rest of the feature on vintage cameras.

A Few Words of Advice...

Find your eye
"Visit museums and galleries and look at photo books. Whose photos do you admire? What subjects or styles are your favorites-landscape, portraiture, fashion, nature, reportage, candid street scenes, architectural, abstract? Do you want to be a photographer and not just a snap-shooter? Answering these questions is essential before buying a camera."

Do your homework
"Find what type of camera is best suited to your style of shooting, what type of camera was used by your idol, and which camera models were the top of the line and had the best array of lenses and accessories." [Ed. note: The easiest way to find out all these things is probably just to buy McKeown's book.]

Popularity counts
"The camera needs to be popular enough that lenses and accessories are not hard to find. You should consider strictly mechanical cameras and use a separate handheld meter. You can also go vintage wihtout buying secondhand: Some classic cameras are still available new, like Linhofs, Leica Ms, the Komamura Horseman, and K.B. Canham-and some new cameras are classic by design, like Alpa."

Avoid Weird batteries
"Many cameras with light meters used mercury batteries, which are no longer available, for ecological reasons. If a camera uses batteries, check to see that they're AA or AAA. Also, avoid instant-film cameras-whether Polaroid or Kodak. No matter what the latest rumor is, these films are either extinct or nearly extinct."

Avoid plastic
"With cameras, there is very little classic in plastic."

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