Monday, March 2, 2009

You either like them or not

It has been several seasons since Hedi Slimanes introduction of the drop crotch pants into the house of Dior. It wasn’t long until they hit the mainstream and they are officially in this season. I personally like these drop crotch shorts by Philip Lim. I think I might play around with some tailoring of my own.


E.S.Kinny said...

love those pants
cole molher
love ur header, looks like mine

Ashita said...

Wow dude you've got a lot a talent! Found you at lookbook but i couldn't really comment i need some code:P pity.

I am especially digging your scarf and your circa 77 picture.


Ignacio said...

thank you! i really appreciate your feedback. I promise I'll post more things. :D Cole Mohr can wear anything and still look good.